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TEAM CALENDAR:   We will use this team Google Calendar for all of our meets, practices, and other team activities. It will be constantly updated and will contain the most current events, so please check it several times per week. This calendar will tell you when and where we practice and what time your ride should pick you up. All events have an end time set so do not wait until practice ends to call your ride; have them arrive at the end time shown on the calendar. Thank you.
Please bookmark this direct link to the calendar on your phone and computer:

PARENT AND ATHLETE MEETING: Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the MHS cafeteria. All students and parents are asked to attend as we will cover many important topics including home meets, volunteers, varsity letters, required athletic paperwork, fundraisers, meets, travel, etc. This will be a brief but very important meeting. Thank you. If you cannot attend, please contact Coach Rae Ann for the details.
Notes from the meeting will be posted here this weekend. Thank you.

TEAM HANDBOOK: Please read this 2017 XC team and parent handbook for everything you need to know about the cross country season, including varsity letter information.

MHS ATHLETICS PAPERWORK:   Everyone must complete the entire athletics paperwork packet and pay the $50 insurance in order to participate in any sport (including conditioning) at MHS. Once you complete the paperwork packet and pay the insurance, you are cleared for all sports for the entire school year.
2017-18 athletic paperwork (10 pages)
$50 insurance may be paid by cash, money order, or check payable to Manatee High School with a parent phone number on top of the check and student name on the memo line.

• Option 1: $200 per athlete - cash or check payable to Manatee High School XC (checks must include a parent/guardian phone number and the athlete name on the memo line). This team fee does not even cover all the expenses for each team member (entry fees, transportation, meals, shirts, water bottles, sweatshirts, bags, awards, etc.), but it does help offset some of those expenses. Team fees are non-refundable and tax deductible. If you cannot afford or do not wish to pay the team fee, you may be interested in the other options below.
• Option 2: Bring in $200 or more in Canes Classic sponsors by the deadline. Sponsorships must be monetary (not in-kind).
• Option 3: Sell MHS decals at home football, soccer, or basketball games.
• If anyone on the team has difficult financial circumstances, please contact Coach Rae Ann privately for options. Money should NEVER be an issue someone does not participate.

SCHEDULE: Click here for the 2017 XC meet schedule
If you wish to ride home with your own parent from a meet and not take the bus home, parents please bring this completed transportation release form (last page of team handbook) with you.
If you cannot view or open PDF files please click here to download a free PDF viewer.

COMMUNICATION: Click the link below to sign up to receive weekly emails about team activities (practices, meets, team dinners, awards banquet, etc.). We use Constant Contact for team updates. We strongly encourage parents to sign up for these updates and please put your student's name in the "company" field when signing up. Maximum of 1 email sent per week.
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PRACTICE:   We practice every day after school, Saturday mornings when we do not have a meet, and on teacher in-service days, school holidays, and record days, so please plan accordingly. We practice in all weather conditions, except lightning (obviously). If it is raining at the end of the school day, plan on going to practice. We will wait under cover for any unsafe weather to pass.

OUR TEAM ON FACEBOOK: Please "like" our public team page for more frequent updates on the team. We update the facebook page almost daily -

PHOTOS:   team photos on our facebook page


• Cell Phone, Laptop, Gold & Silver Jewelry Recycling Fundraiser - Collect old cell phones, ink jet cartridges, GPS, graphing calculators, digital cameras, laptops, mp3 players, radar detectors and jewelry. Old, broken, unwanted jewelry in any condition will increase our fundraising a lot!!! Ask local businesses that you visit often - restaurants, doctors, lawyers, hair stylists, any business since many businesses replace their employee cell phones every year. Ask family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, and have your parents ask at work. View the list of items we can submit. Please turn in all recycled items to Coach.

• Purchase MHS Cross Country apparel and gifts - Including hats, sweatshirts, T-shirts, water bottles, stadium blankets, jewelry, license plates, pajamas, iPhone cases, and so much more!

• Click here to make a secure, tax deductible donation - Money donated goes directly to team expenses

• Participate in and help secure sponsors for the Canes Classic - Encourage all of your family and friends to walk or run in our Labor Day event. It is open to all ages and abilities. Know someone who wants to be a sponsor? Visit and print the sponsorship form.

CANES CLASSIC:   The Canes Cross Country Classic is our team's fundraiser. Each one of you benefits from the Canes Classic as the money is used to purchase uniforms, warm-ups, team T-shirts, bags, water bottles, and other goodies that you get to keep, the awards banquet dinner, our social events such as past trips to Orlando and Gainesville, entry fees to meets, team dinners, and our trips to water/theme parks and other fun activities. Our Cross Country parents/boosters have been invaluable with their help with the Canes Classic through generous sponsorships, race day help, and clean up. We could not do this without all of you. For full race details, registration, and sponsorship information, please visit the race Web site at We need help from athletes and parents to bring in sponsorship money for this event.
Please contact Coach Darling Reed if you are willing to help. Thank you.

BRC INVITATIONAL:   This is our team's home meet - one of the more popular meets of the season. It features four races - girls varsity, boys varsity, girls JV,and boys JV. We have a partnership with the Bradenton Runners Club as our title sponsor. Our Cross Country parents/boosters are needed to volunteer at this meet. For full race details, please visit and click "calendar" and select cross country.

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Cross Country: If you run it right, cross country is a testament to suffering. Success in this sport requires pushing your body to the brink of exhaustion, demanding all it’s capable of delivering for mile after mile of unforgiving terrain. But you do not suffer alone. You run as part of something bigger. You run as part of a team in its truest sense. And that’s why, when the pain sets in, you keep running.

Girls Coach: Rae Ann E. Darling Reed
"Coach Rae Ann" or "Coach Darling" 941.586.9375

Boys Coach: Christopher Owens
"Coach Owens" or "Coach O." 941.894.7290


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